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Call for Papers for Coastal Transitions 2020

Southern Connecticut State University will host the Coastal Transitions 2020: Blue Economy Conference from Wednesday, November 4, 2020, to Sunday, November 8, 2020, at the Canal Dock Boathouse in historic New Haven, Connecticut. The conference is co-sponsored by the IGU Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces and the IGU Commission on Coastal Systems. Coastal Transitions is jointly organized by Liverpool John Moores University, Southern Connecticut State University and MIC University of Limerick.

The conference’s theme will be the Blue Economy concept and agenda that has been recently endorsed by development institutions, conservation organizations, and public and private sectors. The conference’s primary focus is to bridge and mobilize emerging knowledge(s) on coastal and marine governance, technology development, and policy practices for transitioning to a Blue Economy. The conference will also focus on the following sub-themes:

- Conceptualizing the Blue Economy in economic geography

- The interconnection between climate change impacts and the Blue Economy

- Smart shipping, ports, transportation, and global connectivity

- Employment, job creation, and poverty eradication

- The role of ocean/maritime clusters in fostering a sustainable Blue Economy

- Innovation in the Blue Economy

- Cities, tourism, resilient coasts, and infrastructure

- Sustainable energy, mineral resources and innovative industries

- Managing and sustaining marine life, conservation and sustainable economic activities

- Securing food supplies and promoting good health and sustainable fisheries

- Climate action, agriculture and fisheries, waste management, and pollution-free oceans

- Maritime security, safety and regulatory enforcement

- Participatory governance and community-driven Blue Economies

- Synergies between the scientific research community and coastal stakeholders

- Blue Economy and climate adaptation, resilience, disruption

- Just transitions and the Blue Economy

- Blue growth industries

- Marine spatial planning and the Blue Economy

- Critical engagement with Blue Economy

- Towards a Blue New Deal

- Learning from the challenges encountered when trying to implement sustainable development on land, to avoid repeating the same mistakes when implementing Blue Economy agendas in the coastal zone

The conference welcomes theoretical, methodological as well as empirical case study contributions especially related (but not limited to) the main theme of the Blue Economy and the sub themes listed above.

Papers presented at Coastal Transitions will be invited for peer review and subsequent publication in an edited volume and/or edited issues in a journal focused on issues related to the Blue Economy.

Key Dates

March 1st, 2020 - Abstracts are due (200 words; plus 3-5 keywords) and can be submitted to , and

April 15, 2020 - Acceptance Notification of Abstract & Conference Program, Registration Opens

June 15, 2020 – Complete Papers Due

September 1, 2020 – Final Conference Program & Papers to Discussants

November 4th-8th 2020 – Conference

More information regarding the conference can be found at



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